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- About Me -

You may run into me at various forums and online communities. I often go by the name 'Jarrod1937', though sometimes by my full name. I also write tech articles and guides on various websites, the topics covered vary.


Currently i am double majoring in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering (may triple major in physics).
Some highlights of my education so far:
  • Linear Algebra (vector and general analysis via matrix math)
  • Calculus
  • Differential Equations (aka Analysis)
  • Basic education in classical and quantum physics (working toward more advanced education in this area)
  • C/C++ programming as it applies to an engineering discipline.


From 2006-Current I have been employed by Factory Direct Craft Supply (Site).
Main Tasks include:
  • Graphic Artist
  • Network Administrator/Computer Repair
  • Web Designer
  • Web Programming (php)
  • Search Engine Optimizing
  • Website Usability Optimizing
  • Online Marketing (SEM, SEO, Ads)
  • Database Administration And Optimizing
  • Desktop application development

From 2002-04 I worked at GSN as an Office Assistant


I am continually learning new skills, but some of my major current skills include:
  • Website Conversion Rate and Usability Testing Through AB and Multivariant Testing.
  • Advanced Computer Repair, Both Hardware and Software.
  • Computer Data Recovery and Security (secure data erasal, encryption...etc).
  • Advanced Hard Drive Repair (platter swaps, head replacements...etc).
  • Web Programming, PHP Based.
  • Building Dynamic Website Content
  • Building Dynamic Customer Targeted Website Content
  • Programming for and designing web based API's (SOAP/WSDL... and others).
  • Display Technology Calibration (setting of correct grayscale/gamma/color gamut/contrast/brightness calibration based on standards).
  • Advanced Sound System Calibration and Room Treatment Placements (by use of correct band absorbers and diffusers in conjunction with an RTA setup for analysis).
  • Website Search Engine Optimization (based on general understandings of machine data mining and interpretation, as well as specific implementations, aka google).
  • Advanced Photoshop Use and Editing, In Conjunction With Wacom Tablet Use.
  • Understanding Of Real-time 3d Rendering Techniques and Technologies and Building Realistic 3d Environments That Perform Fast.
  • Understanding of Non-Real-time 3d Technologies and Building Realistic Environments and/or Logos.
  • Understanding of Skeletal 3d Animation.
  • Database administration (MySQL, MS SQL Server...etc).
  • Experience With Setting up and Maintaining Virtual Servers (Vmware based).
  • Experience with SSH and Linux Based Servers for Remote Configuration (In particular Redhat Enterprise running Apache).
  • Experience with Setting up IIS for basic operation.

Skills and Projects in Progress:

  • Currently learning more advanced C++
  • Currently learning Microsoft Exchange
  • Currently learning advanced network security testing (penetration testing)
  • Currently learning Electrical Engineering (admittedly a more long term goal)
  • Currently researching and planning a build for a Farnsworth Fusor (Fusion reactor, though not viable as a power source, good for neutron production).

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